Product attributes

Configuring products

Before configuring product attributes, make sure that you have created at least one specification table. If this is not the case yet, refer to our documentation.

To edit attributes, open the app and select "Products":

In the product list, click on the product that you would like to edit.

Quick access

You can also directly edit the attributes of a given product by clicking on the "More actions" button on the product page in the Shopify admin and selecting the "Edit attributes" link.

Once you open a product, the app will show you some information that you can edit.

Assigning table

The most important step is to select the specification table associated with this product. If you have created a table with an automatic condition and this given product matches those conditions, then the automatically assigned table will be visible in the app.

You can also manually select a specification table for a product. If you have a small catalog, we recommend you to manually assign products to avoid any potential ambiguity.

Compare with

When showing comparison tables on your Online Store, you need to select a main product. This main product is, typically, the current product of a product page.

You can select, in the app, up to 20 products being compared against this main product.

Best practices

While the app allows you to select up to 20 products, we recommend you keep the number of compared products to 3 or 4. Comparing a lot of products can quickly become confusing and may require your customers to scroll along a long list of products. By limiting the number of compared products to 3 or 4, you can help your customers to make a decision faster. You should also, if possible, choose products that are similar. For instance, comparing a $10 product with a $1000 product might not make sense because it is probable that your customers are not hesitating between those two products.


Once you have assigned a table to a given product (or that a table is automatically assigned), the app will show you all the attributes belonging to this given table for you to edit.

Bulk import

The app does not currently support bulk import of attributes.

Deleting tables